Good Boy Dog Chocolate Advent Calendar

Good Boy Dog Chocolate Advent Calendar

This Chocolate advent calendar for dogs arrived from Pet Bliss via Amazon and cost me £6.99. I was going to say that it was worth every penny as my dogs loved them, but my dogs will love any food put in front of them. That being said, they did seem to love these chocolate treats more than any other type of treat they’ve had this year.

Simba waiting patiently

The front of the calendar contains a Christmas inspired photo of a very cute dog. Of course your dog won’t care what’s on the cover, but it does look nice sat in the living room.

Dot want to try them

Behind each door you’ll find three of what seem to be dark chocolate buttons. But they actually they only contain chocolate flavourings as well as that of cream and vanilla. The actual ingredients read as: oils and fats, cereals, various sugars, milk and milk derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin and minerals.

Near on £7 does seem a bit much for a dog advent calendar, but they’re actually much the same price delivered as you would find in your local pet store and you can lump a few Amazon orders to save on cost.

One thing that I also did like was the level of information on the reverse which should serve to reassure any unsure pet owner.

Personally I like the calendar and can see it used by pet owners that go to work and want something to give to their dogs before they leave or as an “I’m home” treat when they return from work. Either way I do like them. More importantly my dogs did too as you can see by the photos.

Where To Buy This Good Boy Dog Chocolate Advent Calendar


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